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"It was always my dream to own restaurant in the United States, but not just any restaurant. I wanted to serve food that tasted fresh and authentic just how it tasted when my father served it in my home town in Nayarit, Mexico” Carlos Montero explained when asked about the vision for El Gordo. It was that vision that lead to the birth of the El Gordo Brand in the Bay Area.

Tacos El Gordo distinguishes itself by using traditional methods of preparing food. It takes more time and although it's not always the easiest way, its the best way!

Maitaining consistency and going the extra mile such as importing chili peppers and spices from mexico results in quality food that tastes just like home.
Our Story
Our Locations:

Floresta Location
- Taqueria -
579 Floresta Boulevard, Suite B
San Leandro, CA 94578

Hesperian Location
- Walk Up -
15420 Hesperian Boulevard
San Leandro, CA 94578

Taco Trailer
- Walk Up -
4201 International Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94601
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